A symbol of Canada’s maritime and industrial heritage – the nation’s leading shipbuilder and heavy industrial fabricator for almost 200 years

At Davie, we recognise that strong oversight and governance must occur at every level from the board of directors to the shop floors. We strive to foster effective company-wide oversight, planning, culture, knowledge and risk management. The board focuses its activities on strategy, the oversight of risk and monitoring the performance of the business. As well as the main board of directors, Davie’s advisory committee comprises both industry and local business leaders to ensure that the highest levels of corporate governance and sustainability are upheld. The advisory committee meets on a regular basis with the executive management and other members of the leadership team to provide guidance on operational, commercial, technical and financial matters. Further committees such as the Safety Committee monitor the management of non-financial risks and reports directly to the board of directors as well as the executive management.

Certificates of Registration:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Terms and Conditions of Purchase:

Terms and Conditions of Purchase


Building and sustaining Canadian ships by leveraging the country’s highest capacity shipyard with world-class expertise and providing affordable fit-for-purpose fleet renewal and through-life support solutions.


Recognized as Canada’s premier shipyard, providing national strategic capabilities, regional career opportunities and economic benefits for generations to come.


Davie Values

Company policies :

Davie Politique Sante Securite Davie Politique Engagement Davie Politique Environement Davie Politique Qualite

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